Home Insurance – The Best Coverage Value

The single biggest investment you may make in life is your home. Are you sure you’ve protected your investment? The most common mistake people make in insuring their home is believing that all insurance policies are created equally. This is simply not true! There are varying forms, optional coverages, deductible differences, as well as hidden exclusions to most policies. Let us review your homeowner’s policy with you and make sure there are no gaps in coverage and that you are buying the protection that your investment and family truly deserve.

What Should You Cover?

• The home itself (physically)
• Other structures on your property
• Your personal property (everything owned by you that resides in your home such as clothing, appliances, furniture, etc.,)
• Loss of use or what’s better thought of as living expense while your residence is being rebuilt or restored
• Personal liability protection for all family members who reside in the home.

Tips For Home Insurance

  • Know the Exact Value of Your Home and How Much Home Insurance You Need
  • Understand the Risk Factors That Your Premium Will Be Based Upon
  • Know and Utilize All of the Things That Can Actually Save You Money on Your Premium
  • Take Inventory Of Your Possessions and the Dollar Amounts
  • Keep Your Inventory List Safe
  • Know Exactly What Your Covered For