COVID-19 Relief

To ease the financial burden that many individuals and businesses are facing due to COVID-19, several insurance companies are offering a variety of relief options. The ones we are aware of are listed below. As more information becomes available, we will update this page.

Travelers Information

Travelers is expanding billing relief for all our U.S. customers.
Specifically, we will suspend cancellation and nonrenewal of coverage due to nonpayment through June 15, 2020. We will not charge interest, late fees or penalties during this period, providing policyholders extra time to pay their premiums without risking cancellation.
We also launched the Stay-at-Home Auto Premium Credit Program, which will automatically give U.S. personal auto insurance customers a 15% credit on their April and May premiums.
We are committed to working with our agents, brokers, and customers during these challenging times. For those who are able to make payments, they should do so as they normally would. For Agency Bill accounts where a customer is unable to make payments, please contact us so we can work through this together.
In addition to complying with regulatory requirements, we will continue to monitor ongoing developments related to COVID-19 and adjust as needed.
Our commitment to taking care of our customers has not wavered for over 160 years. Now more than ever, we’ll be there as we navigate these challenging times together.
Please contact a Travelers billing representative if you would like to discuss your specific billing arrangements.

Progressive provides $1 billion to customers
As a result of the pandemic, insurer finds ways to help customers, employees, agents and communities through its comprehensive “Apron Relief Program”
MAYFIELD VILLAGE, OH, April 8, 2020 (NYSE: PGR) — Over the last few weeks, the entire country has faced hardship due to COVID-19. Progressive Insurance remains committed to assisting customers and today announced it is providing approximately $1 billion to them as a result of fewer claims that come with less frequent driving.
“We understand how difficult and uncertain people’s lives are right now. While auto insurance might not be the most pressing topic on everyone’s mind, we know that finances could be. For our customers who have trusted us to be there in their times of need, we’re fulfilling that promise. We want them to know how much we care,” said Progressive President and CEO Tricia Griffith. “Always guided by our core values, doing the right thing is vitally important to us. We know that by sticking together and taking care of one another during these difficult times, we’ll come through this stronger. We want our current customers to remain our future customers.”
Subject to approval by state regulators, Progressive personal auto customers who have a policy in force as of April 30th will be credited 20% of their April premiums in May and personal auto customers with a policy in force as of May 31st will be credited 20% of their May premiums in June. We estimate that the sum of these two credits will total approximately $1 billion. Customers will not need to take any actions to receive the benefits. The credits will be applied automatically to the customers’ policy and those customers who have paid in full will receive a refund of the credited amounts.
In addition to providing these funds, Progressive has worked to assist customers, employees, agents and communities in meaningful ways since the COVID-19 outbreak. Through its “Apron Relief Program,” a nod to the company’s iconic brand apron representing progress and protection, the company’s comprehensive efforts have included helping in these four areas:

Kemper Covid 19
Kemper has taken a thoughtful and focused approach to help our employees, customers, agents and communities get through this extraordinary and challenging period. This crisis deserves everyone’s attention and we all have a responsibility to do our part. Kemper has always been there to help our customers through the tough times and now is no different. You have done your part by practicing social distancing and you’re driving less. With less cars on the road, there are fewer accidents. To that end, Kemper’s personal auto customers who have a policy in force as of April 30 will be credited 15% of their April premiums in May and customers with a policy in force as of May 31 will be credited 15% of their May premiums in June.

The two premium credits will total approximately $100 million that we are returning to our policyholders, pending regulatory approval. There is no action required on your part, and the credits will be applied directly to your policy. If you have already paid your policy in full, you will receive a refund of the credited amounts.

Providing relief to our communities that have urgent needs during the CONVID-19 crisis is also part of our responsibility. We recently announced that we are committing $1 million in support to organizations focused on critical issues including food insecurity and supporting front-line medical personnel. These organizations are doing extraordinary work to help our communities deal with this crisis. We are proud to support them and urge everyone to assist their communities in whatever way they can.

Our commitment to serving our customers has never been stronger and we’ll continue to do our part to help everyone get through this difficult time. Thank you for being part of the Kemper family, and please stay safe and healthy.

Safeco Personal Auto Customer Relief Refund
Fewer drivers are on the road, which means fewer accidents. With this in mind, we are announcing our Personal Auto Customer Relief Refund, which will return approximately $250 million to our customers. Here’s how it works: